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Zomorodi Law Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

A home is often the most significant and expensive purchase you will make during your lifetime. It may be used as your personal residence or for investment purposes.

Our real estate lawyers integrate you into Canadian society by offering a  full-service real estate team who will review the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and the Status Certificate (in the case of a condominium purchase) and ensure you receive title free and clear from all liens and encumbrances, at a highly competitive price.

Our real estate lawyers are also experienced in dealing with failed real estate transactions and can assist in negotiating the return of your deposit.

Business Law

Our approach to business law focuses on the contractual legal rights and obligations of parties in a corporation, partnership, or an agreement to purchase or sell the assets or shares of a business.

Our team of business lawyers can support you in this area of law with our customized articles of incorporation, shareholders agreements, agreements of purchase and sale of a business asset or share, and franchise agreements, to ensure your rights are protected.

Zomorodi Law Business Law
Zomorodi Law Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Whether you are dealing with a disagreement related to property, loan agreement, or a business contract, you do not need to navigate the complex waters surrounding a civil dispute on your own.

Our team of litigators will support and guide you through the ropes of landlord and tenant board, small claims court, superior court, and enforcement. We also offer alternative dispute resolution services.

Zomorodi Law understands that legal battles can be confusing and emotionally taxing. That is why we will work to facilitate a timely and strategic resolution to your civil law matter. When you work with Zomorodi Law, any questions you have about your case will be answered patiently, and you can expect prompt, responsive, and professional service from the moment you become a client.

Wills, Trusts and Estate Law

Deciding what will happen to your home, your financial assets, and your personal possessions after your passing can be a difficult process. However, if you do not take the time to make these decisions now, a court may end up dividing your property for you.

Take Control of Your Assets
Instead of leaving such important decisions to the courts, get the assistance you need to make wise decisions concerning your estate by speaking with Zomorodi Law.

We are dedicated to helping you through every step of your estate planning and am prepared to assist you with such legal services as:

  • Drafting a will
  • Creating a living trust
  • Granting Power of Attorney for Property and Personal Care
Zomorodi Law Will and Trust Law
Zomorodi Law Notary Service

Notary Services

All kinds of people, in a variety of situations, find themselves in need of a notary. Here’s why. Notaries can provide the paperwork for, and sign, affidavits. Notaries can sign visa paperwork and can serve as legal witnesses at different kinds of transactions. So if you are trying to find a notary public to get that notary seal or notarization, look no further.


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